Our approach to brand strategy in a constantly changing environment

Good brand strategy is all about bringing people together, resonating with them on a personal level, and weaving this knowledge within every strand of its DNA. Brands today, are having to think and operate in new ways due to these unprecedented circumstances.

the nuances of a brand’s voice & communication need to be more delicate than ever to remain relevant

We are now seeing new consumer behaviours and sentiments, for this reason it is imperative that we:

• work in an agile, flexible manner
• are empathetic & authentic in our messaging
• associate your message with positivity, fun & good deeds
• adapt new ways of working to keep delivering

It is key to adapt your creative messages with a nod to, or awareness of the environment we are in whilst still remaining true to your brand.

Today, empathy is key, the nuances of a brand’s voice & communication need to be more delicate than ever to remain relevant. Authenticity and a true purpose are recognised by consumers, and this insight will help you to engage with your audience effectively.

Understand that quality communication must always keep interest levels high, that it must add value to your brand. It needs to remain focussed, and relevant. In these tricky times, these methods of communication can and should also be positive and fun – incorporating memes/key visuals into your messages can be unexpected, captivating and memorable.
Feel good content that helps to alleviate anxiety and promote positivity will help to enhance your brand. Today we must adapt and give people what they want, when they want, and how they want it. We need to be creating content that is real, quick, fun and gets shared like wild fire…

Kindness and acts of good all make a difference to put your brand at the forefront of people’s minds, for the right reasons.

Keep aware, keep on top of insights, be agile in your messaging and the way that you communicate – social media platforms/your website/e-commerce – if you combine all of this you should be armed to make some smart marketing choices, remaining true to your brand while still being flexible and aware of the current environment. Keep navigating; keep delivering; keep true to your brand & your customer.