Winchester City Council Next Generation Campaign


Winchester City Council


To create a social media and outdoor advertising campaign with the objective of identifying the potential blockers as to why people that come to university in Winchester don’t stay in the city, and why those that work in the district, don’t necessarily live there.


We created an engaging campaign with an appropriate tone of voice for our target audience. The campaign assets included an online survey that would connect, both visually and through language, with our target group, an online digital campaign to drive awareness and gather a greater insight and supporting outdoor advertising and awareness through posters and billboards.

KiS delivered a high quality innovative strategic platform with supporting creative ideas for our 2020/21 information campaign. Understanding the challenge from the outset and focussing on our target audience, the KiS team created a strong tone of voice and visual identity for the campaign. They conducted background research and applied these insights to the brief to ensure that our campaign captured as many relevant people as possible. Post campaign evaluation was shared in a clear, informative way for us to present to the board members. KiS are a great partner and I look forward to working with them again.

Derek Steele, Housing Development Project Manager, Winchester City Council