The Valley, new homes in Winchester


Winchester City Council


To create a clear strategic approach when creating a new housing development brand for The Valley, Winchester. Our branding needed to inspire, appeal, and engage prospective customers ensuring they could connect through both language and imagery.


We created a logo that symbolised growth and positivity for the future – highlighting proximity to outdoor spaces. This identity and key messaging covered marketing collateral which included the creation of a website, a digital and printed brochure, powerful online and printed ads, impactful hoarding (design & implementation), engaging road signage, striking CGIs and the creation of an interactive walkthrough; all of which were required to engage and inspire.

Both the visual and written communication for all materials was key to ensuring that we got that connection and engagement with the public.

Whilst creating The Valley brand we were conscious to create an identity that would resonate and connect with local residents, identifying what they were looking for within their community – ensuring that we created more than just a brand on a brochure. The Valley is lifestyle brand all about creating connections and building futures.

It was imperative that our approach and delivery created a clear, desirable identity to support and drive marketing and sales for Winchester City Council.